About Marco Marinucci

Marco Auction 

Whether you are selling Real-Estate or household items, Marco Marinucci, of Willowick Ohio is the Realtor/Auctioneer who can create a customized marketing plan that will get your Real-Estate, Antiques and all other house hold items SOLD. He is a licensed Realtor and a licensed Auctioneer in Ohio. The Auctioneer is licensed by the Ohio Department of Agriculture and is bonded in favor of the State of Ohio.

 In order to be eligible to sit for the license exam, Marco had to successfully complete a 24 month apprenticeship with a licensed auctioneer.

Having sold and financed many real-estate transactions, Marco, is now looking forward to being able to utilize his expertise in customized marketing and advertisement to help consignors get the best price for their real-estate, antiques, personal items, collections or for estates for which they are executor.

Marco believes the key to a successful sale is to create a customized marketing and advertise plan. Another important factor is a professional auction team that includes an experienced and friendly cashier, clerk and floor help.

We look forward to creating your customized marketing and advertisement plan to get your Items SOLD​


Marco Marinucci will volunteer his services for your next charity event!

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