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Charity Auctioneer

Exceptional Auction Results

The Charity Auction is one of the most popular methods for school and non profit fundraising. Planning and presenting a Charity Auction that is both profitable and memorable does not happen by accident. It takes hard work, great timing, cooperation, extensive planning, organizational excellence and a little luck.

Charity Auctioneer Marco Marinucci will guide your auction committee through the gauntlet of auction planning pitfalls and help ensure a successful fundraiser for your organization. His hands on approach with each Auction Committee is perfectly suited for any size event. If you are working with, you are working directly with Marco.  Utilizing over eight years of Benefit Auction experience and a passion for fresh and creative revenue enhancements, has helped Marco  build a reputation for exceptional results year after year. 

Marco only works with 501(c) Non-Profit organizations.

While some clients have auction goals in excess of $1M, many start with fundraising goals of less than $100,000.  Please don't let the size of your event discourage you from contacting Marco.   He works with organizations or all sizes and from nearly every non-profit sector: 

Private & Public Schools (K-12)
Social Welfare Organizations
Independent Schools (NAIS-CASE)
Land & Nature Preservation
Human Rights Campaigns
Charitable Scientific Funding
Social and Recreational Clubs
Animal Welfare
Fraternal Beneficiary Societies and Associations
Faith Based Groups
Business Leagues, Chambers of Commerce, Real Estate Boards
Professional Meetings and Conventions with a Charitable Event tie-in
Higher Education - Colleges & Universities
Private Foundations
Public Institutions
Voluntary Employees Beneficiary Associations
Alumni Events
Medical Research
Hospitals & Health Care 
International Aid
"One Time" Specific Need

Marco will tailor his services to meet your organization's needs.

Interested in adding Marco Marinucci to your Auction Team?

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