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Estate & Probate Court Auctions

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​ In your profession, it can happen every day—one
of your clients passes away, and now the estate
is in the process of being settled.  Your client’s
heirs most likely are in disagreement, and they
are looking to your expertise and advice in
liquidating the real and personal assets of their
loved one. They have agreed to hold the conflict
to a minimum as long as they can all see a fair
and equitable assessment of value and sale price.
Your challenge is finding the quickest, equitable
and efficient method of converting hard assets
into cash for the dispersal in accordance with
​the testator’s Last Will & Testament.

Time has proved the auction method of asset conversion permits you to quickly convert and disperse the assets among the heirs with minimal amount of disagreement.

I am most interested in meeting to discuss with you how The Auction Method of Marketing that will assist both you and your client’s heirs, and also in divorce settlements, division of interest, partnership dissolutions, Power of Attorney situations, or with any other circumstance that require the service of a professional asset conversion specialist.

​ I'm Looking forward to hearing from you how we can mutually benefit your client